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Downloading a File Using a Link


Make sure that you know the name of the file you want to download and the storage bucket it is in. The filename can come from a process, or you can find it in the storage bucket in Orchestrator.


  1. Go to the app where you want to use the this feature.
  2. Create a new page called Download page.
  3. Add a new Label control in the Download page and configure it.
    3.1 Rename it to Download file.
    3.2 Change the style of the Label control so the user can easily tell that it's a downloadable link. We recommend using italics and blue. For more tips on how to create the best design, see General User Experience Guidelines.
    3.3 Add a new Get file from Storage bucket rule when clicked on the Download file control and configure it:
    • Pick the storage bucket containing the file you want to download.

    • Go to the storage bucket in Orchestrator and copy the name of the file you need to download. Paste the name in the File Name field.
    • Add a new variable in the Assign file to app variable field.

    • Set the downloaded file name in the When completed section using the Set Values rule. When downloaded in the local machine, the file will have the name set using this rule.

    • Add a new Open Url rule in the When completed field and fill in the Url field with the variable from the Assign file to app variable field.

Procedure results

When you click on the Download file in runtime, the file is downloaded in a new tab.

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Downloading a File Using a Link

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