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Use selected values from a table


In this tutorial we will build an app in order to use the selected value binding from a datatable in an efficient way.
When you select a row from a table, you can use a button to open a new page with the data from that row. This way, users can edit and update that information.


In this short example, we will use a Label control to display the information from the selected row of a particular column in a table.



  • The same procedure applies in the case of entities or custom lists.
  • For a more complex use case, you can use a button instead of a label. That button can open a new page, displaying the data from the selected row.
  1. Open your existing application or start a new one.

  2. Add the process you want to use. For more information on how to use processes, see the Referencing a Process from Orchestrator page.

  3. Add a Table display control.

    • Bind the output of the process in the Data source field of the table. In our case, the output has three sub-properties: Name, Age, and Department.

    • Create a new app variable from the Selected value binding property of the table. To do so, click the Selected value binding property, and go to the App variables category. Click the :heavy-plus-sign: Plus sign and type in the name of the new variable. For this example, we will use New Field. Bind the new variable to the Selected value binding property.

  1. Add a Label control below the table.
    • In the Text property of the label, add the New Field app variable from the Resources panel, type in . (dot), and then select any column from the process output. In this example, we will select Name.


Additional information:

The Label control will display the selected row from the configured column in run-time (in our case, the Name column).

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Use selected values from a table

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