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Limitations During Preview

Connection Service (Integrations) is currently in public preview.
UiPath is committed to stability and quality of our products, but preview features are always subject to change based on feedback that we receive from our customers. Using preview features is not recommended for production deployments.
Even though all connectors are available for the public preview, only the following are officially supported:

  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Jira
  • Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint
  • Microsoft Outlook 365
  • Salesforce



To quickly test if a connector works, bind a connection from the Resources panel by double-clicking it. The expected behavior is for the Set parameters and conditions window to open. If this window does not open, it means that the connector is not fully supported yet.

The following limitations apply for the public preview:

  • There is no interoperability with Function. Because of this, chaining expressions from the filter builder interface is not supported.
  • Lookup function is not supported for Data Context or control properties and values. For example, you can only retrieve a list of Jira items, not an item.
  • There is no support for shared connections.
  • When configuring connector rules, some mandatory field can have the asterisk missing. If you encounter an error, make sure that you filled in all the information, even though it is not marked as mandatory with an asterisk.
  • Output of any rule events cannot be retrieved. For example, if you create a Jira issue from Apps, you cannot retrieve that specific issue.
  • Pagination issues.
  • Public Apps will not work if you have Integration Service (Connections) added to your app.

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Limitations During Preview

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