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June 2021

10 June 2021

What’s New

:wrench: Minor improvements

We are constantly working to improve your UiPath Apps experience. Even though there are no major significant changes with this release, we made sure to bring minor improvements and bug fixes to our product.

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3 June 2021

What’s New

:capital-abcd: New Localization Languages

The options for Spanish (Mexico), Korean, and Simplified Chinese are now available for localizing the interface and communications for your organization.
For more information on how you can change the language and where it applies, see Localization.

:arrow-upper-right: External context

  • You can now set external context when launching your application. You can set the default value of the application variables using query strings.
  • The syntax looks as follows: <App runtime url>?<appvariable1>=value&<appvariable2>=value.
  • For example: In this example, the first name and second name are app variables, with John and Doe set for first name and second name respectively. When the application loads the two values, the variables are set.

:e-mail: Welcome email

With this release, you receive a Welcome to Apps email when you create your first app.

:e-mail: App sharing email notification

With this release, users receive an email notification each time an app is shared with them.

:bulb: Control tooltips

With this release, you can add tooltips for all controls to display additional information.


Text box alignment

Text is now center aligned (vertically) inside text boxes. This applies to both default and hint text, for both design time and run time.

Apps options

  • The available options are now consistent between the Apps homepage and App Studio.
  • The available options are based on permissions (Owner/Co-owner).

Input control background color

With this release, you can change the background color for input controls to highlight them against the container background color.

Performance improvements

The overall performance and load times are improved in the app run time.

Bug Fixes

  • Application no longer gets stuck on Busy saving changes screen while starting. Complex applications are now saved correctly.
  • Previously, the Export and Clone options actually exported and cloned outdated applications. This is now fixed and the Export and Clone options now export and clone the current version of an application.
  • Previously, when invalid binding is removed from the label property, null was displayed for checkboxes, headers, and label controls. This is now fixed and the control is displayed correctly.
  • Previously, when importing an application from a different environment, selecting and replacing the process and then clicking Preview, an error was displayed only when refreshing the page or clicking on that particular field. Now, once the process is replaced, if you need to change any binding errors, the error icon is displayed before the preview.
  • The copy-paste functionality for controls is fixed and the pasted content is now placed in uniform positions.
  • Control selections are now aligned correctly in designer run.
  • Applications created through the Import option no longer generate an error message.
  • Previously, when adding an icon, the controls toolbox was broken if you tried to add another control. This is now fixed, and the controls toolbox works correctly.
  • Previously, when creating a process rule and navigating to the Input Override, the expand and collapse icons for processes did not work. This is now fixed and you can expand or collapse the properties for each process.
  • Previously, dialog pages longer than the screen height were cut off. This is now fixed, by adding scroll bars by default to all the pages were the content goes below the fold.

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June 2021

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