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About Data Context



To better understand how Data Context and Choice Set work, check out the Using Data Context and Using Choice Set pages.


Data context is a container for a single entity record. It can be used instead of the Lookup function for an improved user experience.
Data context can be set for the following controls:

  • Container
  • Page

When data context is set on a container, all controls that are part of that container can access the data context bound to the container. If there is no data context set on the container, the control searches the next parent container or page.

Choice Set

Choice Set is a field used to store an enumerated list from which one or more values can be selected. A Choice Set can be used, for example, to select an expense type, a forum post category, or a certain edition of a recurring event. For more information on Choice Set, see the dedicated page in the UiPath Data Service guide.

You can bind Choice Set to the following controls:

  • Dropdown
  • Multiselect dropdown
  • List
  • Radio Button



When bounding to a list source, it will return the options in that choice set.
When bounding to a selected item, it will bind the field value to that selected item.

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About Data Context

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