UiPath AI Center™

UiPath AI Center™

5 August 2020

AI Fabric On-Premises General Availability

We are excited to launch AI Fabric On-Premises in general availability! This is our first version of AI Fabric on-premises which is a single node configuration. With this launch, customers can deploy, run and improve machine learning models locally on a Linux virtual machine. Take advantage of the deployment flexibility as this on-premises release together with the prior cloud release make it possible for you to enjoy the capabilities of AI Fabric in the deployment model that suits you best.

Please note: With this release, we deprecate the on-premises version of AI Fabric launched in 20.4 and keep it as limited availability. We will continue to support customers on this version of AI Fabric until they are ready to upgrade.

You can get started immediately with AI Fabric. Sign up for an Enterprise Server Trial on UiPath by filling out the trial form. The trial email to be received soon after has a new section that contains a license file download URL and a link to documentation on how to install AI Fabric. For information about hardware and software requirements see this page.
Deploy UiPath’s proprietary models for document understanding, as well as a range of models for generic tasks from the open-source community (text classification, object detection, and tabular data classification). You can additionally build your own models and go from there.

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