UiPath AI Center™

UiPath AI Center™

February 2022

28 February

A new out of the box ML Package

The Signature Comparison ML Package has been released in Public Preview. This is a new out of the box ML package designed for comparing signatures and it can be found under UiPath Image Analysis.

A signature can appear in various documents, such as forms, checks, and loan documents, and the ability to extract a signature from a document and compare it with a reference signature in another document or in a customer’s database is critical to automate complex document processing workflows.

Signature Comparison

22 February

New Features and Improvements

Python 3.8 OpenCV Support

We are excited to announce that you can now use Python 3.8 OpenCV models.

17 February 2022

New Features and Improvements

Export and Import ML Packages

You can now export an already created package and import it in a different AI CenterTM environment.
For more information on how to do this, or applicable limitations, check the following sections:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a dependency could not be downloaded while creating the Custom NER skill.
  • Fixed an issue where ML Packages description was not readable when using the dark theme.

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February 2022

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