UiPath AI Center

UiPath AI Center

August 2021

23 August 2021

What’s New

:wrench: Minor improvements

We are constantly working to improve your UiPath AI Center experience. Even though there are no major significant changes with this release, we made sure to bring minor improvements and bug fixes to our product.

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9 August 2021

New Features and Improvements

ML Packages Details

You can find more information on each entry in the ML Packages Version by clicking on the icon and then Details. A dialog box will be displayed with all the information on the package version.
For more information on this, see Viewing ML Package Details.

Pipeline Details

If an ML Package is generated by a pipeline, you can access all information related to the pipeline directly from the ML Package window by clicking on the three dots menu and Pipeline Details. This is only available for new pipelines.
For more information on this, see Viewing Pipelines Details.

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August 2021

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