UiPath AI Center

UiPath AI Center

April 2021

26 April 2021


AI Center US region

A new Cloud instance for UiPath AI Center is made available in US. New Automation Cloud customers signing up from US and enabling AI Center on their tenants are hosted on the servers in US.

ML Skills are automatically undeployed after a period of inactivity

A great number of skills deployed mostly for testing purposes and not actually used must be cleaned periodically. Now, only enterprise users keep the deployed skills, because ML Skills are automatically undeployed after a period of inactivity. For this to happen, there would have to be no changes on the skill or any predictions made during this period.
Once a skill is stopped, it can be easily redeployed by selecting it and then clicking the Resume button.
This feature helps you manage your resources more efficiently because you can choose how long you want to keep a skill before it is undeployed.

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April 2021

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