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Public preview

AI Center API is currently in public preview.
UiPath is committed to stability and quality of our products, but preview features are always subject to change based on feedback that we receive from our customers. Using preview features is not recommended for production deployments.


AIC.Project.ViewGET: /v1/projectsView a list of projects


AIC.Dataset.ViewGET: /v1/datasets/{datasetId}View a dataset by id
GET: /v1/datasetsView a list of datasets
GET: /v1/datasets/listDatasetView a list of blobs
GET: /v1/datasets/restrictedListDatasetView a restricted list of blobs

ML Packages

AIC.MLPackages.ViewGET: /v1/mlpackagesView ML Packages
GET: /v1/mlpackages/{mlPackageId}/versionsView ML Package versions with the search criteria
AIC.ML.Packages.DeleteDELETE: /v1/mlpackages/{mlPackageId}/versions/{versionId}Delete ML Package version
DELETE: /v1/mlpackages/{mlPackageId}/versionsDelete multiple ML Package versions
DELETE: /v1/mlpackages/{mlPackageId}/versions/allundeployedDelete all undeployed ML Package versions

ML Skills

AIC.MLSkills.CreatePOST: /v1/mlskillsCreate an ML Skill
AIC.MLSkills.ViewGET: /v1/mlskillsView ML Skill with the search by name criteria
AIC.MLSkills.EditPOST: /v1/mlskills/{mlSkillId}Update ML Skill
POST: /v1/mlskills/rollbackRollback ML Skill
AIC.MLSkills.DeleteDELETE: /v1/mlskills/{mlSkillId}Delete an ML Skill


AIC.Pipelines.CreatePOST: /v1/pipelinesCreate a pipeline
AIC.Pipelines.ViewGET: /v1/pipelines/{pipelineId}View pipeline by id
GET: /v1/pipelinesView a list of pipelines
GET: /v1/runs/{runId}View run by id
GET: /v1/runsView a list of runs
AIC.Pipelines.DeleteDELETE: /v1/runs/{runId}Delete a run by id

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API List

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