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Configuring MS SQL Server

General SQL Server requirements

The installation requires an external SQL server as a prerequisite.



Make sure that the SQL server can be accessed from each cluster VM.

We support versions 2016, 2017, and 2019 for Enterprise and Standard for MS SQL.
The minimum requirements for the server are:
8 Cores CPU
246 GiB RAM
32 GiB Memory



We do not support the following characters in the SQL username and password: ; # @ ?.

By default, we support the option for the installer to create all the databases for you in the installation process. You must provide the necessary permissions for the installer to do so in your SQL server.
Alternatively, you also have the option to create your own databases. Please refer to the following table for the names you need to use.
The following table lists out the database names and their corresponding format.

Product / service

Default database name

Connection string format

AI Center



Document Understanding





You could use the databases in an elastic pool for better cost-effectiveness.


SQL Requirement for Full-Text Search

Document Understanding requires the SQL Server to have the Full-Text Search component of the SQL Server Database Engine, which is not always installed by default.

If you did not select Full-Text Search when you installed SQL Server, run SQL Server Setup again to add it before configuring Document Understanding.

For more info, check this guide on how to add/install features on SQL server. You can also check here all the components that can be added to the SQL Server, which includes also Full-Text Search.


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Configuring MS SQL Server

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