UiPath AI Center™

UiPath AI Center™

Network requirements

This page lists the domains used by the various UiPath products (services), components, and integrations in an online deployment.
Add to your allow list those endpoints and ports for the UiPath products and services you use.

General requirements

To ensure cluster stability, your environment must meet the following requirements:

  • Round Trip Time (RTT) between the nodes must be minimal (<10 ms RTT).
  • High Availability requirements must be met.

To ensure HA with three availability zones, the following requirements must be met:

  • Three availability zones that are geographically separate but within close proximity.
  • Round Trip Time (RTT) among the availability zones must be minimal (<10 ms RTT).
  • All availability zones must provide a consistent set of resources with HA and redundancy.
  • Single virtual network span across all the availability zones.


  • For downloading the required installer files and configuration scripts: - downloads the installer script

  • For downloading container images and metadata:

      The above URLs are required during installation, for adding new nodes to an existing cluster, for upgrading to a newer version, and for application sync using ArogCD. These URLs may also be needed during runtime so that Kubernetes can pull the image.
  • For using supportability tools, such as the support bundle generation and diagnostic tools:

  • For the installation of Kubernetes or RKE2:

  • For sending business telemetry to UiPath:
    The above is only required if you opt in to send telemetry data to UiPath.

AI CenterTM

  • For the SQL connection: the connection you use, possibly through a pipeline
  • The OOB models and metadata are fetched from our GitHub repository, and the models themselves are downloaded from our storage account. The following URLs cannot be blocked as the OOB scheduler continues to run, and the last three URLs as they are needed at runtime. Therefore, make sure that you have access to the following:
    • The following are needed in order for the OOB metadata to fetch new models being added:
    • is needed to clone the new models downloaded
    • The following are needed at runtime for skill deployment and training pipeline for downloading dependencies:
      • The Python Package Index: and
      • Any Python PIP hosted public domains, based on your model package and required Python libraries in requirements.txt

Document Understanding

  • For the SQL connection: the connection you use, possibly through a pipeline
  • For OCR:
    • The UiPathDocumentOCR endpoint applicable for your region, as listed here
    • Microsoft OCR (optional): The endpoint applicable for your region, as listed here
    • Google OCR (optional):
  • For data extraction: the FormExtractor endpoint applicable for your region, as listed here


For your users to be able to access the official UiPath documentation for AI Center and the bundled products, you must also allow documentation-specific URLs. For the full list, see UiPath Documentation Website URLs.

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Network requirements

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