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ML Packages Offline Installation


If you are using an offline installation of AI CenterTM, follow the instructions in this page to install ML Packages.

List of ML Packages

Model nameVersion in AIC 22.10UiPath versionMetadataOffline bundle needed
TextSummarization 1N/AHereNo
TPOTAutoMLClassification 1N/AHereNo
SentimentAnalysis 1N/AHereNo
QuestionAnswering 1N/AHereNo

Note: In order to use ML Packages, you must first upload the packages in UiPath AI CenterTM. To do so, follow the steps from Upload model to AI Center. Some models, like Computer Vision or Document Understanding, need to be installed. If you plan on using these models, make sure to install them first by following the procedure from Install the offline bundle.
When using a Python 3.6 model, make sure that you have the right bundles installed.

For Document Understanding ML Packages offline installation, please check this page.

Upload model to AI Center

To install out of the box packages in an offline environment, follow the steps below.

  1. Access Out of the Box Packages at tenant level. To add a new ML Package, click the Create new button.

Note: In order to access the page, make sure that you have Read permissions. The Create new button is only visible if you have Create permissions as well.

  1. Go to the ML Logs page. The ML packages uploaded and validated from the public tenant are displayed here. Click Create New to upload a new model.

  2. Upload the ML package zip file and json file separately.

  1. Click Submit.

Note: After you upload the model, wait a few minutes until validation is successful. After validation is successful, refresh the grid manually. You can now go to any project in the Out of the box packages page and you can find the newly uploaded ML Package.

Once the ML package is uploaded, the ML Logs page is displayed.

Install required bundle

Some models, like Computer Vision models, need a dedicated bundle to be installed before they can actually be used. The list of such models with associated bundle is available in the table below:

ModelVersionBundle link
Computer Vision21.2cv-bundle
  1. Before installing the bundle make sure it is not already there. If that's not the case or if you are unsure you can proceed to next step, otherwise you just need to follow upload model documentation.

  2. For Windows machines, directly download through the bundle link. For Linux machines, from the machine having access to the internet, download the needed bundle following the below command:

wget -O ~/<bundle-name.tar.gz> 'bundle-link'
  1. Copy the following bundle to the /uipath/tmp folder on the main machine of the cluster (where the install took place):
scp ~/<bundle-name.tar.gz> <username>@<node dns>:/uipath/tmp/
  1. Connect to this main machine and load the bundle:
./ registry upload --optional-offline-bundle "/uipath/tmp/du.tar.gz" --offline-tmp-folder "/uipath/tmp"

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ML Packages Offline Installation

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