UiPath AI Center™

UiPath AI Center™

About Projects

A Project is an isolated group of resources (datasets, pipelines, packages, skills and Logs) you may use to enable building a specific ML solution. It is recommended that you organize each project to correspond to one business automation.

The Projects page, the first page displayed when accessing AI Center, contains your list of available projects. Each project is represented by a card, showing top-level information about the project:

  • Project name
  • Description
  • Active Pipelines - the number of currently running or scheduled pipelines
  • Deployed Packages - the number of packages belonging to this project that have been deployed as ML skills.

Moreover, you can create new projects, and edit or delete existing ones.

Project Dashboard

A high-level view of the entities grouped within a specific project (datasets, packages, pipelines) is presented in the Dashboard page. This is where you can find information about the user who created the project, its creation time, and its description. Click a card in the Projects page to navigate to the Dashboard.

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About Projects

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