About OCR Engines

OCR engines are used for the following purposes:

  • At data labeling time, when importing documents into Data Manager.
  • At run time, when calling models from RPA workflows.

In production, we recommend calling the OCR using the Digitize Document activity in your workflow and passing the Document Object Model as input to the activity calling the ML model.
For this purpose you may use the Machine Learning Extractor activity (Official feed) or the Extract Semi-Structured Document activity (Connect feed).

As a quick convenience for testing purposes, you can also configure the OCR directly in AI Fabric (Settings window**), but this is not recommended for production deployments.
If you configure the OCR both in the RPA workflow and AI Fabric, the OCR from the workflow has priority and is used.

UiPath OCR

UiPath OCR is a proprietary OCR technology of UiPath, supporting characters used by the following Latin script languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian. Text in other languages will be recognized but without accepts, for instance “Ł” in Polish will be recognized as “L”. Pages processed using UiPath OCR are not counted towards the page quota purchased along with the Document Understanding Enterprise license.

Updated 8 days ago