Document Understanding Activities
Last updated Jul 15, 2024

About the Document Understanding activities


Document Understanding activities are a key component of document processing. It makes full document processing possible by allowing the system to interpret the meaning of a document and extract information from it. You can use document classification and data extraction methods to extract and interpret information from multiple documents with different structures.

At a high level, documents go through five fundamental steps:

  • defining document types and data to be extracted,
  • providing the text and its location,
  • classifying the documents from the specified list,
  • extracting the information,
  • and confirming the extracted data by a human.

Then, the extracted data can be exported and consumed the way you want to.

The Document Understanding activities include the following packages:

  • Document Processing Contracts
  • Document Understanding Digitizer
  • Document Understanding ML
  • Document Understanding OCR Local Server
  • Document Understanding Process
  • Document Understanding
  • Intelligent OCR
  • ML Services
  • OCR
  • OCR Contracts
  • OmniPage
  • PDF

Project compatibility

Use the following table to identify the compatibility between the platform and the activity packages:
Table 1. Document Understanding activities project compatibility
Activity packageWindows - Legacy Studio projectsWindows (Modern) Studio projectsCross-platform Studio projects
Abbyyavailableavailablenot available
Abbyy Embededavailableavailablenot available
Document Understanding MLavailableavailablenot available
Document Understanding OCR Local Serveravailableavailableavailable
Document Understanding Activitiesavailableavailableavailable
Intelligent OCRavailableavailablenot available
ML Servicesavailableavailablenot available
OCRavailableavailablenot available
OCR Contractsavailableavailableavailable
Omnipageavailableavailablenot available
PDFavailableavailablenot available

Modern projects and activities

Visit Activity or API-based limits to check the current specifications and parameters for optimal utilization of Document Understanding modern projects and Document Understanding activities.

  • Overview
  • Project compatibility
  • Modern projects and activities

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