Die Anleitung zu UiPath-Aktivitäten (The UiPath Activities Guide)

Modify Date



Updates a date value using modifications including adding or subtracting days and finding the first or last day of the week, month, or year.

In the Designer Panel

Click the Add modification button to select how the date should be modified:

  • Find Next/Previous Day of Week - Adds this activity inside Modify Date.
    • Find - Determines if the next or previous date of the indicated day of the week should be found.
    • Day - Select the day of the week whose date will be found.
  • Add/Substract Time Period - Adds this activity inside Modify Date.
    • Operation - Select an operation between Add and Subtract.
    • Value - Select the value to be added or subtracted.
    • Time Unit - Select the time unit to be added or subtracted.
  • Find Start/End of Week/Month/Year - Adds this activity inside Modify Date.
    • Find - Select whether to find the first or last day of the indicated time unit.
    • Of - Select the time unit of which to find the first or last day.

To test the modifications added so far, click Test, then enter a date and click Test to test the current modifications.



  • Display Name - The name displayed for the activity in the Designer panel.


  • Date to modify - The date value to be modified.


  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.


  • Custom date format - Set a date format that will be used to output the result as text.
  • Date format - Select a predefined format for the text result.
  • Format output as Text - If checked, outputs the resulting date as a string with a specific format.
  • Use custom date format - If checked, the activity uses the format selected in the Custom date format