Die Anleitung zu UiPath-Aktivitäten (The UiPath Activities Guide)


About the App/Web Recorder

Recording can help you save a lot of time when automating your tasks. The App/Web Recorder captures your actions as you perform them on the screen and generates a Use Application/Browser activity with a series of activities inside it based on your actions.

All user interface elements are highlighted while you record so that you can be sure the correct buttons, fields, or menus are selected. The recorder captures a default action for each type of UI element and also allows you to manually choose the desired action before performing it.

The recorder displays a preview of the activities that will be added to your project in real time. The preview includes informative screenshots that are also added to the activities in the automation project. The preview section can be collapsed by clicking the Recorded Steps header.

Each recorded action generates an activity. The following table lists the actions you can record and the activities that are generated for them. Some actions are automatically recorded, which means the corresponding activity is automatically generated, while others must be manually selected before being recorded. For more information, see Automatically Generated Activities and Manually Generated Activities.

Automatically Recorded Actions

Actions That Must Be Selected Before Recording

  • Clicking on buttons, links, and other clickable elements such as icons or images. A Click activity is generated.
  • Typing text in a text area such as a text box. A Type Into activity is generated.
  • Selecting or clearing a check box. A Check/Uncheck activity is generated.
  • Sending keyboard shortcuts using your keyboard. A Keyboard Shortcuts activity is generated.
  • Selecting an item from a drop-down. A Select Item activity is generated.
  • Copying text using the Get Text activit