Die Anleitung zu UiPath-Aktivitäten (The UiPath Activities Guide)

Adding Application Credentials for Outlook 365 and Google Workspace in Orchestrator

Automations for Outlook 365 and Google Workspace apps require providing application credentials to connect to the services. To remove the need for Studio users to provide these credentials manually when adding their accounts from the Use Outlook 365, Use Gmail, Use Google Spreadsheet, Use Google Drive, and Use Google Document activities, administrators can create specific assets in Orchestrator to set up the required application credentials (application and tenant ID for Microsoft, client ID and secret for Google). Studio automatically loads the credentials from the assets and users can sign in directly to their accounts.

You can use either your organization's credentials or the default UiPath credentials. If you set up your own credentials, do not set up the default UiPath credentials as well.

Create the assets in an Orchestrator folder named uipath.settings.config and assign the users or groups who need access to the credentials to that folder. If the folder does not already exist, go to Tenant > Folders and create it.

Click here for Outlook 365 instructions



Before you follow these steps, you must first add the UiPath application or create your own application