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Test Case Naming Convention Broken

Rule ID: TA-NMG-002

Scope: Workflow


This rule checks for test cases that match a specific RegEx. By default, the RegEx value is empty.



You can apply this rule only for test cases that have been published. This helps you to exclude template files or temporary backups.


Set a test case naming convention as a RegEx to check test cases against it.

Configure Rule

  1. In the Design ribbon, navigate to Analyze File > Workflow Analyzer Settings.
  2. Go to Workflow Analyzer to view the rules.
  3. Select Test Case Naming Convention Broken and configure the default action.
  1. In the RegEx for Naming Convention enter a RegEx against which the test case filenames will be matched.
  2. Click OK to save changes.

Reset to Default Value

To reset the rule to the default configuration, right-click it and select Reset to default. The RegEx value will be empty.

Updated 6 months ago

Test Case Naming Convention Broken

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