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Google Cloud Scope


Connects to Google Cloud and provides a scope for other Google Cloud activities.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.


  • ServiceAccountCredentialsMode - Indicates how to pass the service account credentials. If your robot runs outside a Google Cloud environment, it is mandatory to select ServiceAccountKey or ServiceAccountKeyFromFile. If your robot runs inside a Google Cloud environment, it is recommended to use AutoDetect so the service account credentials are automatically obtained. The default value is ServiceAccountKey.
  • ServiceAccountKey - The service account key as a secure string. This field supports only SecureString variables.
  • ServiceAccountKeyFromFile - The file path of the JSON file that contains your service account key.


  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.



For more information about authentication in Google Cloud Platform, visit Authentication overview and Understanding service accounts.

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Google Cloud Scope

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