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FlexiCapture Extractor


Enables you to extract data from a document based on a set of FlexiCapture definition files. Can only be used inside a Data Extraction Scope activity. To configure this activity properly, use the Configure Extractors wizard in the Data Extraction Scope activity to map all document definition fields to the corresponding field defined in the Taxonomy.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.


  • DefinitionFiles - The collection of paths to the FlexiCapture template files you want to use for extracting data from the document. This field supports only IEnumerable<String> variables.


  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.
  • UsePdfTextLayerOnly - If selected, it applies to all PDF files used as input and specifies if the text layer should be used without applying image recognition. This can improve the quality of the native (non-scanned) PDF files. The default value is False, implying that some pages or areas might be scanned multiple times for improving the resulting quality.

Learn More

To learn more about FlexiCapture Extractor, please visit the Document Understanding Guide here.

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FlexiCapture Extractor

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