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ExtractorNativeActivity Class

Namespace: UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.DataExtraction
Assembly: UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts


Abstract class that implements the UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.DataExtraction.IExtractorActivity interface and the System.Activities.NativeActivity abstract class.
This class must be implemented in order to construct a NativeActivity for document data extraction, compatible with the Data Extraction Scope activity and the document processing infrastructure.
In order to implement this abstract class, the Execute(NativeActivityContext context) method needs to be overridden.


All the defined InArguments are automatically populated by the Data Extraction Scope activity for all child activities.

The InArguments contain:

  • Information about the document that is to be classified, specifically the original file path, the text version, and the document object model.
  • Information about the fields expected to be understood and processed by the classifier activity. These document types are set by the Data Extraction Scope activity after their configuration in the Configure Extractors wizard of the scope activity.

The OutArgument contains the extraction results, in an ExtractorResult object, with as many entries in the DataPoints list as successfully identified requested input fields.



  • ExtractorNativeActivity() - The protected default constructor.


  • DocumentPath InArgument<string> - The file path of the document.
  • DocumentText InArgument<string> - The text version of the document.
  • DocumentObjectModel InArgument<UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Dom.Document> - The document object model of the document.
  • ExtractorDocumentType InArgument<UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.DataExtraction.ExtractorDocumentType> - The document type information that you want the extractor to use.
  • DocumentBounds InArgument<UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Results.ResultsDocumentBounds> - The page range and bounds that you want the extractor to use.
  • ExtractorResult OutArgument<UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.DataExtraction.ExtractorResult> - The output of the extractor activity.
  • PersistenceId string - The unique, opaque ID that is used by the scope activities in order to correctly track and configure the extractor activity.

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ExtractorNativeActivity Class

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