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Release date: 4 August 2021

You know what AUGUST stands for in UiPathian?
Another Update Giving Useful, Simple Tweaks. Read them below .

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug that prevented:
    Actions from being completed, saved, or forwarded;
    Files from being uploaded in forms.
    This behavior occurred in form actions that contained cascaded dropdowns, file upload fields, or embedded PDF files.

  • A form engine upgrade forced all displayed columns to fit inside your current page width, thus eliminating the horizontal scroll and cluttering the form. We fixed this behavior.

  • If you searched a string containing a keyword in dynamic drop-downs, you wouldn't get all the expected results. This was caused by a form engine upgrade and is now fixed.
    The keyword present in the dynamic drop-down is an output parameter returned by the workflow.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented Panel components title in form actions from being displayed when the Light theme was selected.

Updated about a year ago


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