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Exploring notifications

On this page you find information about exploring notifications coming via Automation Cloud.

Before you start

Make sure you have the right user roles and permissions to View or Edit actions. For more information on roles and permissions, check the Roles and Permissions page.

Viewing and accessing notifications

You can access notifications through the Notifications panel only. You can access the Notifications panel across all tabs and services in Automation CloudTM , except Orchestrator and Apps.

Note: The Notifications panel in Orchestrator shows Orchestrator alerts only. For more information, see Alerts.

To access the Notifications panel, go to the top navigation bar and click the bell round gray bell icon. The Notifications panel displays notifications ordered by date, in descending order. The Notifications panel displays notifications from newest to oldest.

To access a specific notification, click the desired notification frame. This redirects you to the Inbox tab of Actions, specifically in the selected action, and inside the respective tenant.

Notification description

Notifications appear as notification frames in the Notifications panel. The notification frame shows the following information:

1 - The type of action activity
2 - Timestamp
3 - Action ID
4 - The user impacted by the action activity.


The description of a notification

Viewing detailed notification timestamp

Every notification has a detailed timestamp that shows the exact date and time when the action activity took place. Hover over the timestamp element of the notification to view the detailed timestamp.


The detailed timestamp of a notification


Displaying unread notifications only

To display unread notifications only, select the Unread only checkbox in the Notifications panel.


Default subscriptions

You can view your Automation Cloud notification subscriptions in the Notifications settings page, in the Actions tab, and in the Automation Cloud column.

With the Notifications service, you are, by default, subscribed to all action activities:

  • Action Assigned
  • Action Bulk Assigned
  • Action Forwarded
  • Action Bulk Un-assigned
  • Action Unassigned.

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Exploring notifications

On this page you find information about exploring notifications coming via Automation Cloud.

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