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Action Center configuration checklist


After installing Action Center on your on-premises environment (either MSI or Kubernetes), make sure to check the list present in this guide that evaluates if Action Center is working properly.

Evaluation guide

Building Action Center based workflows

  1. Use an Orchestration process template in Studio to build Action Center based workflow. Additionally, use intelligent OCR activities to build ‘Document Processing’ based workflows that creates Actions of type ‘Document Validation’.
  2. Connect Studio to an Orchestrator instance and execute the workflow.
  3. The workflow get suspended and the generated actions are accessible from the Actions tab.
  4. Publish the workflow to Orchestrator and make it available for business users to execute it.

Home page experience

  1. Actions and Processes tabs are displayed on the left-hand of the Action Center home page.
  2. In case of actions available for review, clicking every action redirects you to the Actions page.
  3. In case of processes available to be launched, clicking each process redirects you to the Process page.

Launching unattended processes

  1. On the Processes page, the displayed processes and queues tiles are in the correct folder context.
  2. To execute a process, click Run and provide the required input.
  3. Review recent runs and navigate to the process details.

Reviewing actions

  1. Execute a long-running process that generates an action that asks for user input.
  2. On the Actions page, in the Unassigned list, select the action and click Assign to self.
  3. On the Actions page, in the Pending list, select the previously assigned action. The action form opens to the right side.
  4. Provide the required inputs and perform several operations, such as forwarding, commenting, reassigning, or saving the action.
  5. Review the actions forwarded to you by filtering the pending list for Forwarded actions.
  6. Review the action summary.
  7. Select multiple actions and perform the available operations (assigning, deleting) on the entire selection.
  8. Review document processing actions by filtering the pending or unassigned list for Document Validation or Document Classification action types.

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Action Center configuration checklist

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