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About Notifications - Automation Suite 2023.4
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Last updated Oct 26, 2023

About Notifications

Notifications Panel

Notifications are displayed in the Notifications panel. To access the Notifications panel, click the bell icon, located in the top navigation bar.


Whenever an event that impacts you is generated, a notification is sent. The action events that generate notifications are:

  • Action Assigned - an action has been assigned to you.
  • Action Forwarded - an action has been forwarded to you.
  • Action Un-assigned - an action has been unassigned from you.
  • Action Bulk Assigned - a bulk of actions have been assigned to you.
  • Action Bulk Un-assigned - a bulk of actions have been unassigned from you.

Notifications Settings Page

You can modify the settings of your notifications from the Notifications settings page.

Select the user account icon, go to Preferences, and then go to Notifications.

You can also access the Notifications settings page through the Notifications panel. Click the settings icon in the Notifications panel. For more information about the Notifications panel, go here.

Notification Subscriptions

To personalize notifications received in the Notifications panel, you can subscribe to, or unsubscribe from events or severity types.

Data Retention Policy for Notifications

Notifications clear after a 30 day period.

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